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Love To Bicycle strives to help increase awareness of bike safety and proper routine maintenance. We have a passion for biking. We promote Bike Commuting and believe it benefits both the rider and the environment in positive ways. We celebrate Bike To Work Day and International Bike Week every year. LoveToBicycle is created to share experiences, tips, and everything related to bicycles and with all the enthusiasts of this great community around the world.


We are going to share our interest in things related to bicycles, curious information, anecdotes, and everything we find of information about the wonderful world of bicycles.

Mountain Biking 101 For Health And Fitness

Do you enjoy the great outdoors? Then we’ve got just the thing for you- a good old dose of mountain biking. Not sure what mountain biking is? It is the sport of using a specialized ...
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To use the bicycle in a good way is very important, take the safety measures and know well the rules, also use the appropriate safety equipment to ride a bicycle.

woman riding mountain bike with a backpack. Must be camping

Mountain Biking Safety Tips

Safety has to be your number 1 priority while you’re out on the trail (or any time really). Part of the fun involved with mountain biking is the excitement you get from going across rustic ...
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Practical advice for you to repair your bicycle yourself, tips for buying spare parts, and how to install them.

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Shaky Springtime Bike Ride

It is Springtime!! It is a very exciting time! It is time to get the bike out of the garage and go for the first ride of the season for many of us and most ...
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We look for the best trips to enjoy the outdoors, the most popular and safest, the best cycling routes in your area. You can also share your favorite routes.

Business man bike commuting to work

Bike To Work Week, Commuting To Work By Bicycle

Bike Week is an annual international event. It is a full week event that promotes, advocates and celebrates bicycling for transportation. Bike To Work Week Is May 13th - 17th 2019 Bicycle commuting has been ...
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