Bike To Work Week, Commuting To Work By Bicycle

Bike Week is an annual international event. It is a full week event that promotes, advocates and celebrates bicycling for transportation.

Bike To Work Week Is May 13th – 17th 2019

Bicycle commuting has been steadily gaining popularity in American, Asian and European cities and countries over the past decade as more people are interested in finding ways to achieve a healthy, sustainable and economical way to get to and from work.

History of Bike To Work Week

In 1923, the first Bike Week was held in the UK. It was then this wonderful tradition of promoting riding your bike to work was born. This annual event is almost a century old!! Some dates of a city’s Bike Week can be different, but the event remains the same.

Bike To Work Day is Friday, May 15, 2020

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There Have Been Positive Changes From Bike Week!

The popularity of Bike Week has encouraged cities to do major overhauls in regards to bicycle commuting. Many cities that hold annual Bike Week have committees who push for these improvements of the city for cyclists and bicycle regulations.

Providing bicycle lanes on city streets, bicycle-specific stop signs, Green Ways, DIY bike repair stations and robust bicycle laws are being implemented and also demanded by cyclists. This demand is causing positive change in bicycling communities and also the cycling industry.

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Now Is The Perfect Time To Give Bike Commuting A Try!

Many employers and communities get involved with Bike Week. Check with yours to see how they celebrate. You can also ask what ongoing programs are happening or what benefits are offered through your employer.

Click here for more resources on starting or planning events in your workplace or community.

Get Ready For Bike Week! Bike To Work!!

If you are new to bicycle commuting you are welcome to check out my post on Bicycle Commuter Etiquette for some helpful tips. Also if you haven’t been on your bike for a while please make sure it is safe to ride and make any needed bike repairs.

It will be better to know about them before you leave for work rather than on your commute there. You can bring your bike to a local bike shop for a spring tune-up or needed maintenance or you learn how to do these repairs yourself at home for a fraction of the cost with the DIY Bike Repair Online Tutorials Program. Click DIY Bike Repair to learn more and see the 200 + guides, videos, and resources they have.

If you are a serious cyclist or new to the sport of biking this is a wonderful opportunity for you to learn how you can increase performance from your bike. Decrease wear and tear with properly oiled and lubed gears and maintained brake pressure.

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Get geared up for Bike Week!!!  See you on the bike path!

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6 thoughts on “Bike To Work Week, Commuting To Work By Bicycle

  1. Hey Nicole,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article as you’ve provided us with tons of valuable information on “Biking To Work”. I can’t wait for the 2nd week of May, it’s gonna be really exciting! From my perspective, I tend to think that this campaign should be held for 1 whole month and not just just for 7 days. A lot of pollution would be avoided if more people did this. I’m gonna share this post with my friends!

    Thanks a lot for taking your time in writing this blog. Keep up the good work Nicole!

  2. Awesome article Nicole. I never heard of Bike Month ever before. I’m glad that I glad to know about it through your site. I love bicycles and on top of that May is my birth month. It’s exciting for me to know that my birth month is actually a worldwide ‘Bike’s Month’.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this article. I can see that your website is dedicated to the bike’s related article. I’d love to read them.

  3. Hello, 

    This is a very interesting and also helpful event. I haven’t heard of it before, but after reading this post, I starting looking for more information about it and if people in my country did something in Bike Week, but I couldn’t find much. In my country it has recently started to providing bicycle lanes and there aren’t many streets that have them. Besides, there aren’t many regulations as in other countries, and the regulations we have aren’t sometimes being obey.

    I hope there’s an event in my city that’s been organized but I don’t think it will happen. However, I hope people all over the world have the chance to celebrate this and encourage more people to ride their bikes.

    Great work spreading news about this international event,


  4. Hi AV! Thank you for taking the time to share such kind words! I am very excited for this week also!! I hope many newcomers to bicycling find out that it is wonderful and beneficial. I hope you and your friends enjoy Bike Month!! All my best! Nicole

  5. Hello Mariana! Thank you so much for being here!! I am excited your area is now getting bike lanes! It is a step in the right direction 🙂 There are groups here that I can put you in touch with if you would like more advice and information about regulations etc. Please email if you would like more information on this at
    Also here is a link ( that offers some free downloads of promotional material for National BIke Month (posters, banners & signs) you can print and hang up in your area. You could be the one to get Bike Month started in your City or Country! I am sure there are many people that would join you on your endeavor to celebrate Bike Month. Let me know what I can do to help you!! Thank you for your kind words and I look forward to hearing from you again! All my best! Nicole

  6. Hello akshaysaxena! Let me be the first to wish you a Happy Birthday!! I am thrilled that you can now celebrate Bike Month and your Birthday together! FUN! Thank you for being here and your kind words! All my best! Nicole 

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