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Is A Rusty Bike Chain Keeping You From Riding Your Bicycle?

Don’t let that stop you from getting out there this Spring. Keeping up your bicycle or even all of your families bikes is a problem and frequently, overwhelming. The prices that bicycle shops charge you an excessively high price for fundamental fixes and routine maintenance! The rates for parts and labor are so high!! With 3 bikes in our family, proper care and upkeep at a repair shop were over $250.00!!

I thought wouldn’t it be easier to have an online manual and some videos that take me to step by step on how to repair our bikes, or fix a bike chain, repair a flat bike tire, tighten bike brakes and notice minor issues before they become major problems.


Abstract image of the rotating wheel of bicycle

I learned about this amazing DIY Bike Repair Video series. You can do this too with this complete bicycle maintenance guide! It is so user-friendly and if I can do it you can do it too! I promise you! You will feel so good and be so proud!

The maintenance plan for a bike can differ to some degree on how regularly it’s ridden and especially what conditions it is exposed to. Bikes that are ridden in rough terrain or in the rain or mud will require somewhat more care and maintenance than bikes that travel to the park once an in a while on streets or bike paths. Proper care and maintenance are vital for a smooth and safe ride. After all, you want to stop when you squeeze the brakes right??

You can easily be a bike repair master!

Envision having the capacity to fix, maintain and overhaul your bicycles effectively and in a most limited time WITHOUT paying for costly workshop expenses. Imagine teaching this skill to your children these life long skills so they can learn how to properly care for their bike and be safe while riding. You want their bikes functioning perfectly in all conditions and stop when they need to stop without falling.

Well, now you can! AND you can do it from home, in weeks not years without squandering cash, time and exertion on expensive repairs and routine maintenance at repair shops just like we did. Now we have fun learning how to take care of our bikes and doing the repairs ourselves.


Save time and money and do it yourself!

We have saved so much money from staying out of bike repair shops! With our savings, we all got new helmets and some fancy accessories for our bikes that we didn’t even know about but learned about in the videos. It is so cool! My kids just love it! I can’t wait to get them a starter tool box set for their birthday!! I have my eye on a 48 piece repair kit made by Deckey. It is currently the 3rd best selling bike repair kit on Amazon. I love that it comes with a case. Buy on Amazon.

Be a Master Bike Repairer with DIY Bike Repair Videos . I promise you will be happy you did just like I was. You will also feel peace knowing your bike and your families bikes are safe to ride.

All my best, Nicole

DIY bike repair kit product picture of book and videos for how to fix your bike yourself



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  1. Thanks for writing this article on how to repair a rusty bike chain, I must commend you for a job well done for taking your time to do your findings and research before writing it. Although this is my first time of hearing about DIY bike repair video series. Learning how to repair myself with a video that will guide me is really going to be sweet. I can make some money fixing my friends bikes too. I will not have to give out my money again to bike repair shop because I can remember how much I spent last year repair my bike and my brothers bike. Way to much! DIY bike repair video series is important to have at home with the tools to repair bikes! Thanks for looking out Nicole! 

    1. Hi Afolabi! Thank you for being here and your kind words! I am so happy you and your brother will be able to keep your bikes maintained and on the bike path! How awesome you can help your friends out and keep them pedaling too! Maybe a bike repair business is in your future! 🙂 All my best! Nicole

  2. Hi Nicole,  I’ve been concerned lately about the condition of my son’s bike. He cannot use it for some reasons. We could really use this DIY bike repair tutorials. It will be great to fix his bike together! And cheaper than a bike repair shop! Thanks for the recommendation on how to repair the bikes on your provided link. As well, the bike repair kit in Amazon seems good. I will look into it in the coming days. Thanks for these helpful tips. Take care!

    1. Hello Smarthomekitchen! Thank you for being here! I am so sorry to hear about your concerns with your Son’s bike. The DIY Bike Repair tutorials will be the perfect solution for you. It will provide you with the step by step instructions on how you and your Son can fix his bike together. What a wonderful way to spend some quality time together and learn some life long skills you both will always have. I would love to hear how it is going for you both and how the repairs are going! Look forward to hearing from you! All my best! Nicole

  3. Hello Nicole,

    This article is very lovely as a reminder of my childhood days. Beyond many injuries from falling down and minor accidents on the main roads, I always love to ride my bicycle. It was during school days, many years after, I got another chance to ride a bicycle when I was at Visva-Bharati University in Santiniketan, West Bengal, India. Everyone uses a bicycle except a few. Sometimes when needed to repair it was a hard moment to go to the repair shop. The opening time of the shops was very short in Shantiniketan. This post is of great help for bike riders. So kind of you for writing such a valuable post.

    Warm regards,

    1. Greeting Ranao! I agree, it can be difficult to get a fast turn around times with scheduling repair appointments and make it to the bike repair shops. Many people need their bike fixed immediately as they rely on their bike for transportation. It is self empowering to be able to make DIY bike repairs, to know when you need a repair vs an adjustment and truly know when a part really needs to be replaced. Thank you for being here and for your kind words. All my best! Nicole 

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