mountain bike trails in the woods

Mountain Bike Trails

What To Look For In MTB Trails

Before we get into actual trail reviews let’s discuss what you should be looking for in a trail to decide if it’s right for you. Depending on the area you live in there are a lot of different possibilities. The first thing you have to do is decide what your purpose is.

  • Are you just looking for some light mountain riding? Be sure to pick a trail that is not overly hilly and has hard smooth tracks.
  • Or are you looking for some endurance training? Pick a mostly flat trail with varying levels of traction.
  • If you’re doing strength training you’ll want lots of hills and possibly a softer track that requires more effort to pedal through.

Choosing the right trail is imperative because you don’t want to get stuck on a trail that goes beyond your physical limits.

mountain biker on a bike trail in the woods and is very tired she is of her bike and resting on the bike trail in the woods.
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Casual Mountain Bike Riding

woman riding bikes on the road for training and exercise
  • Firm-ground
  • Slightly hilly
  • Avoid rainy areas
  • No tall grass
  • Less than 5 miles

Strength Training

man riding a mountain bike down a hill while training
  • A mixture of Soft and Firm ground
  • Very hilly or mountainous
  • Tallgrass is okay
  • Between 5 and 10 miles
  • Pick a trail close to a city or medical facility

Endurance Training

woman mountain biking for endurance training
  • Medium to Firm ground
  • Flat landscape
  • No tall grass
  • No tall grass

Tricks and Stunts

Mountain bike rider in midair from taking a jump on a mountain bike trail in the woods.
  • Firm-ground with traction
  • No mud or tall grass
  • Very hilly
  • Pick a small trail near a city just in case of emergencies

Casual Racing

man mountain biking on a bike trail in the woods for training and exercise
  • Medium to firm ground
  • Avoid excessively muddy areas
  • Avoid tall grass
  • Choose a trail that doesn’t have a lot of local wildlife

Now that you have a few guidelines for choosing your own trails we’ll move on to the reviews. Remember these are just some general guidelines based on a few common activities for mountain bikers. Choosing a trail that you feel safe and familiar with is usually your best option.

Resources for Finding Trails

The Internet is the most powerful research tool that you have. You can find all sorts of biking trails across the world simply by searching on the internet. The trail review sites usually give you detailed information about how difficult the trail is, when it’s open and how you can get there. Here are a few great websites that you can use to find the best trails in your area:


My Favorite Biking App; MTB Project

This is an amazing mountain biking app to the trails that we all love to ride and new mountain bike trails for all of us to discover. It offers offline maps, full GPS route info, elevation profiles, interactive features, photos, and so much more!

You can visit MTB Project and include your favorite trails and see the bike trails in your area. Join for free with the thousand-plus riders who have shared their most cherished trails with the MTB Project community.

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Go Out and Ride Your MTB

We’ve talked about everything you need to know to get your MTB and start having a good time!

In the first Learn How To Mountain Bike post we talked about where you can buy a mountain bike and what types of things you should watch out for. Remember to avoid large chain stores as they are not bike specialists and usually sell inferior products.

In the second post, Mountian Biking Safety & Supplies, we talked about the ever-important safety issues associated with mountain bike use. Make sure to turn back to that chapter often as safety should always be your top priority.

After that, we did a little Mountian Bike Maintenance and learned how to clean and lube your bike and then do a pre-trip check to make sure everything was in working order and how to fix a flat once you’re finally on the road.

If you’ve followed the posts carefully you’ve discovered a wide variety of training methods you can use to prepare for your bike rides and to do while you’re on your bike.

Biking is one of the most physically taxing hobbies you can get into and if you do it regularly it can be a great part of a healthy diet and exercise program.

I hope you have found some useful information and the resources to find great trails in this series of posts about Learning How To Mountain Bike. All that’s left for you to do is check out the Mis go out and ride!

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  2. Oh! My need for mountain bike trails is just for a casual ride to build strength and endurance. I noticed that I’m getting too convenient with my exercise routine and I wish for a change, that’s the reason I want to inculcate MTB into my exercise since I know it is great for endurance training. Great to know that there’s an app that can help with information and map concerning the maneuvering through the mountain. Thanks

  3. Finding the right trails just before heading out to biking is really important and you have in this post explained all to do when looking for a good trail. I never thought that there was a site or an app that could help with mountain biking trails. Thank you for adding all the MTB maintenance tips and what to look out for each type of biking one decides to go for. I’ll check out your other posts too. Best regards!

  4. Most cyclist get to pick the very wrong trail when its much different from the line they are involved in. I must commend the importance of this post because I have heard so many cases where one is on the wrong track. This tips would go a long way in helping them pick the right trail, most importantly the stunt man who picks trails that are far from the hospital, they don’t give caution to cases of emergency. Thanks for this wonderful post.

  5. Hello Tracy! Isn’t taking your MTB on the mountain trails amazing!?! You will get a workout that is for sure! Remember to bring extra water and some snacks for the trek home. The MTB Project app is amazing! So happy you like it! I use it for many things. Camping, hiking, kayaking, fishing (awesome to find the lake that is tucked away from main roads!)  MTB Project app is a wonderful map app for the outdoors lover!

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