This Summer’s New Trend, Picnics! – Pack A Picnic In A Bike Bag And Go!

Who Doesn’t Love Picnics?

When I heard picnics were trending this summer I got so excited! I just love spreading a picnic blanket out and having, well any meal outside with friends, family or by myself for some quiet time.

Last summer as I rode through the parks I noticed hammocks were extremely popular. I love my hammock so I understand this trend and wanting to “hang out” in the park on a beautiful day. But they don’t make a great place for a meal. So welcome the return of the wonderful pass time of picnics!

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How About A Biking Picnic?

Plan a bicycle picnic for your family or friends. It is a very romantic date as well. Imagine your dates surprise when you tell them this is the plan for a beautiful day and you have a lovely meal ready to go. No worries about the hassles of planning a bicycle picnic, it is easier than you think. Just like packing lunch for work really. I will give you some helpful tips to get you started and also give you some ideas.

Where Are You Headed?

There are so many great ideas for the perfect picnic spot! It would be best if you had a place with a great view and bike trails to ride with your friends or family.

The fun part is this, you can plan quick stops at different spots to enjoy the view while eating some of the food. Download a route planning app to your phone or look it up on your desktop. Komoot is a great route planner and not just for bike rides. They offer hiking also well.

What’s A Picnic Without Food?

The amount of food you pack for the picnic will depend on the number of people who are coming along. You can use carrier baskets or panniers & rack trunks for bicycles to get the food to your chosen picnic site. The best picks for food include:

  • Pre-cut fruits and vegetables with dip
  • Sandwiches
  • Fried chicken
  • Chips
  • Cheese, meat, and crackers
  • Dessert
  • Drinks, However, I will advise you to avoid alcohol because you will be riding a bicycle.
  • If your dog is with bring water bottle/dish for them and something for them to eat too 🙂

Foods can be packed in reusable plastic bags which are airtight and secure. These packs are lightweight and occupy less space in your food basket or carrier bags. They also make great garbage bags to bring waste home if there are no trash cans in the area and they will help prevent ants from finding your picnic food. Don’t forget the paper plates, napkins and silverware if needed. Wet wipes or a washcloth that has been wet down and a squirt of soap added in a baggie are great for washing hands before and after eating.

Don’t Forget Your Picnic Blanket

You can get simple straps that hold your folded picnic blanket securely beneath the bicycle seat or to your backpack. They also offer these awesome waterproof picnic blankets that even come with a bag. If you don’t fancy sitting on the ground, plan your picnic where you know there and picnic tables available or at least a place to sit and relax.

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Handy Tools And Spares

I always pack a few essentials handy tools for unforeseen events. I like to know if I or someone in need has an issue I have the means to fix it. I recommend having an air pump to inflate a tire if it gets deflated while you or a member of your group is riding along the bike trail.

The Vibrelli Mini Bike Pump that comes with a glueless puncture repair kit is great and it offers 120 PSI. It is the #1 best seller on Amazon in bike frame-mounted pumps.

A quality bike-specific multi-tool can be a day saver. The Crankbrothers Bicycle Multi-Tool which is #1 Best Seller in Bike Multi-function Tools.  To learn how to use this multi-tool and make any necessary repairs to your bike I highly recommend the DIY Bike Repair Tutorial. Dave will guide you step by step on over 200 repairs and guided video maintenance for your bike. For more information click here.

5 thoughts on “This Summer’s New Trend, Picnics! – Pack A Picnic In A Bike Bag And Go!

  1. Nicole, what a lovely thought:  a biking picnic!  I like your suggestions for combining picnics and biking and your suggestions for transporting your picnic meal on a bike (as well as the suggestions for the meals themselves were very helpful.  Thank you!

    I’m glad it’s becoming a trend again.  Eating food in a beautiful outdoor setting is great for digestion, I say….

  2. Hey Nicole! 

     I LOVED your site and I really enjoyed your post!  I spend a good portion of my time outdoors with my little guy and we ride our bicycles on all sorts of cool trails and usually I bring a snack bag as we have lunch at home first, but now you have totally inspired me to pack a picnic and make a fun day out of it.  Your food list is super helpful too and those wraps are great idea – Love the pic! 

     I actually run a lifestyle website and I do monthly features with relevant content creators.  It would be a great honour to feature you one month this summer!  Your site is AWESOME!

    Great work sister and am definitely bookmarking your site!




  3. Awesome post, Nicole. Everyone is a picnic love. I mostly plan my small picnics with my friends on a nearby hilly area, bicycle is a great mode to go there. 

    You have listed some of the very useful products to consider, particularly for bicycle. I’ll surely consider them, otherwise it’s hard to find a bicycle repair shop on the way. I appreciate your list of items to consider before planning a trip. These stuffs will definitely makes the trip wonderful. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful post. 

  4. Hello Bex! Thank you so much for your kind words and feedback! I would love to hear how your picnic goes with your little guy! I have young boys myself and we sure enjoy it! 

    I would love to hear more about your website. Please email me and let’s visit.

    I hope you guys have a fabulous picnic, thanks Bex! All my best! Nicole 

  5. Hi Netta! Thank you for being here! I’m happy it is also and they have come out with some awesome product now for picnics. The picnic baskets are amazing and so beautiful, (but don’t really fit on a bike well).  After a long winter there is nothing more refreshing than packing a picnic and going for a bike ride. It is one of my favorite things to do in the Spring. I hope you get out there and take your bike for a picnic!! It will also be a great way to celebrate Bike Month starting in a just few more days! All my best! Nicole 

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