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What Every Bicyclist Should Carry On A Long Bike Ride – LoveToBicycle.com
Bike ride, Long bike ride, what to bring on a bike ride

What Every Bicyclist Should Carry On A Long Bike Ride

Are you are often on your bike and a shorter ride turns into a longer one? This happens to me often. I just love being out there riding. Biking to and from work may be the main reason you peddle your bike. Hopefully, you also enjoy recreational bike rides it also and exploring new places as well.

Downtown or in a busier city, with all the activity, lights and places to stop and get a coffee or water, offers excitement around every turn. But when you need a little more room to breathe an adventure beyond city limits is waiting for you! There is so much to see out there and let me tell you it is amazing!

Biking trail, Bike trip, long bike ride, bike ride, love to bicycle

Before you take off on this wonderful adventure there are a few items I’d like you to think about bringing with you that will help you and offer you comfort. Carrying these items will give you the means to keep you and your bike going.

Water & Food

I recommend bringing an extra water bottle or two when going for longer rides. Please try not to forget to drink water. It is so important to keep your body hydrated. I installed an extra water bottle cage on my frame. I also picked up some extra tall water bottles for these longer biking adventures. I also add an electrolyte powder for flavor and for the benefit of the electrolytes too.

Food might not be too big of concern pending how far your adventure is taking you or you may want to pack a meal and have a picnic on your journey (read more about biking picnic). I think it is a good idea just to throw a couple of quality bars and some nuts into your saddlebag then they are there if you need them. Always good to have if you are feeling low on energy, a granola bar or nuts will help give you the energy boost. Just remember to drink water with your snack.

Ladies ~ All this water and we are out in the county on an adventure, grab some toilet paper before you leave home. I like to use travel Kleenex tissues. Then it stays nice and clean in the package.

Your Identification & And Some Money

Everyone should always carry personal identification this is just a given. Especially in case of the worst possible scenario happens. Carrying ID can help the police or hospital staff verify your identity if you’re involved in an accident. Also, if you have any medical conditions I urge you to carry a means to communicate them to anyone who may need to come to your aid.

It is nice to have some cash and your debit/ATM card can get you out of all sorts of problems. There could be a situation where you can no longer ride your bike, you’ll be thankful that you can pay for an Uber or public transit to get you home. And you never know what you may find for sale on those country roads.

The best country roads/bike trail system in my opinion that I have ridden on it is the Root River Bike Trail in Lanesboro Minnesota. Bringing cash and having saddlebags on your bike is a must if you like fresh jam, honey, bread and so much more. Check it out here

Should You Take Your Cell Phone With?

I know this may be a bit controversial as some of us ride our bikes for that sense of freedom and having a cell phone with is really not “unplugging”. But it is really good to have with you in case you get lost or hurt. Your phone can get you out of all sorts of difficulties.

You can even use your phone to store emergency contacts and medical information. You are able to set your phone so this medical information is available without it having to be unlocked. Learn how to set up your iPhone here.

Plus you never know what you might see out there during your ride! Your phone is an awesome way to take pictures you never want to forget or the proof of an accident you wish never happened.

Basic Repair And Maintenance Kit, For The Bike And Yourself

Getting a flat tire while you’re on your bike is a concern. You never know where or when it’s going to happen and you may end up having to call for help or be stuck walking your bike home. Carrying a bike tire puncture kit on your bike or in your bag can help get you to fix your flat and get you back on your adventure.

The basic supplies you should have in your kit include a spare inner tube, tire levers, patch kit, mini-pump, and a folding multi-tool. Even if you’re unsure how to patch a flat tire or make the necessary adjustments having the tools could mean a good passerby can help you out.

bike crash, bike trail, i love to bike, DIY bike repair, love to bicycle

Also having a small first aid kit with in the event of a wipeout is very nice to have!

If you would like to learn more about how to make repairs to your bike please check out this DIY video tutorial series completely on bike repair here. I have it and have learned an incredible amount on how to repair and maintain my bike.

Pack your bike safety kit and fill your water bottles, your adventure awaits you!! I am so excited for you to go to your “out of town” bike riding adventure!!

9 thoughts on “What Every Bicyclist Should Carry On A Long Bike Ride”

  1. Glad to read this particular bike related article subsequently. You have mentioned a great checklist to consider for a long drive. One thing that attracts my attention was repair and maintenance kit. I’ve never used them before. I’ll have a detailed look at that $47 kit, what’s there in them, I’ll figure it out. I’m sure they will be compact tools to handle on a long journey.

    Thanks a lot for sharing another amazing and caring article. 

  2. Nice post!

    I identified with your opening right away talking about a short ride building into a longer ride and so forth. This happens all the time to me. I enjoy getting off from work and then mysteriously on the way home my bike chooses to go in many directions besides right home all depending on what kind of day it has been at work.

    A nice basic list of items to pack. I would add one thing only because this too has happened to me several times on those short rides that turn into longer ones. The item I would add would be rain gear packed in your saddlebags. There are times when I begin a ride and it looks fine to only have clouds come in from nowhere and dump rain on me. I do not enjoy being wet. 

    One last time even though it is not a “packed” type item. Let someone know where you are going and your basic route. I wiped out once and went unconscious but because I had someone who knew my route and destination they were able to find me.

    Again, nice post.   

  3. Hey! Thanks for sharing this nice article here with us, I found this article informative and educative on what to carry while on long rude bike. I don’t really consider taking any if this except my phone. Now you have just revealed the what to bring along. I do enjoy riding bike that’s why I enjoy reading your article I would like to revisit for more articles like this.

  4. You almost covered everything I needed for a long bike ride.

    When I go on a long bicycle trip, the first things I’m preparing are dry raw energy bars and hammock. Those energy bars are made from dry fruits and nuts. I love energy bars. They are full of calories and give you energy up to the main meal and, most importantly, can long stand.

    Why hammock? Because you can stand in any nice spot, easily set the hammock and rest your soul and body.The hammock is lightweight and fits into any backpack.

    Have a nice day,


  5. Hi Nicole. Thanks to you for writing this great, informative and educative post about adventure by bike. I love cycling with friends. To be honest, I really learnt a lot from this great post. The tips are amazing and very helpful. I’ll be looking forward to new posts from you. Thanks for sharing. 

  6. Yes, an emergency bag for you is a must. Once I was on a biking trip with some friends and one of us had a minor accident once we hit the rough terrain. It was quite a bad bruise on the knees but luckily, someone has brought along some basic medical supplies and was able to attend to the injuries immediately without having to cut down our excursion time. Every since then, we all wear protective gears and bring along some extra, just in case.

  7. Hi Leo! Thank you for being here! Your energy bars sound yummy and packed with petal power!! Hammocks are so wonderful, I just love mine! I never thought to bring it with me bicycling, what a great idea!! Thanks for sharing a great tip with us! All my best! Nicole

  8. Hello Alex! Thank you for taking you time and being here to read them! That means a lot to me and that you received valve from the post. Please let me know if there is something you would like to hear more about. I am so happy we share the love of bicycling! It is a wonderful thing isn’t it! I hope you and your friends have a wonderful time riding! All my best! Nicole!

  9. Hi Cathy! Thank you for being here today! I am sorry that happened! Bruises on the knee hurt! That is great someone has a first aid kit on the bike trail to help your friend out. I think wearing biking protective gear is a wonderful idea! I wear a MTB protective chest plate and I always wear gloves with wrist supports when I ride on the MTB trails just in case I get a little wild or feel the need for speed 🙂 

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